Singapore 3 & 4 May 2023


The upcoming AsiaFIC event in Singapore has a plethora of highly topical panels presented by in-the-know panellists able to provide an insiders’ perspective. We at MDG thought it would be a good idea to put forward our thoughts on panels which we feel deserve a special highlight, and today it is all about ‘talent in the market data industry’.

Today’s market data manager is responsible for managing businesses that run into the hundreds of millions of dollars as data sellers, distributors, or consumers. These managers must ensure their clients, who constantly trade trillions in global markets are fed with the data they need to make informed and accurate investment decisions.

If that were not enough there is a complex web of Intellectual Property Rights, licences, and policies to navigate spread across a worldwide network of suppliers and consumers. At the same time sellers are under pressure to raise revenues, while their consumers focus on cost controls.

These are challenges everyone in the market data workflow needs to meet daily, and do.

The need to attract talent into the businesses has never been greater, and there is amazing value by bringing in people from outside with different perspectives, expertise and experiences.

For people thinking globally market data is worth more than a second look.

This panel discusses the good, bad, and ugly of the industry, and we think the former easily outweighs the latter.


‘Market Data is a fascinating but somewhat esoteric part of the capital markets. Products, services, and technology make for excellent discussions. One aspect less often considered is you/us i.e., the people who work in and who are part of the market data community. Attracting new talent, retaining, and nurturing existing valuable staff, and simply managing and supporting the human resource that drives market data is a massive topic – and a topic close to all our hearts. Understanding the difficulties, we face and the possibilities to improve is a challenge we should all embrace. This discussion is very multi layered and has regional or even country variations, and differences between job functions e.g., technical/engineering contrasted with commercial and content. Let’s explore this and find ways of making our working lives better and so much more.’

Moderator: David Anderson, Programme Director, FISD/Atradia

Dan Chesterman, Group Executive, Technology and Data, Chief Information Officer , ASX

Kathryn Dunn, Executive Director , JPMorgan Chase & Co

Martina Satherlund, Head of Market Data , Fidelity International

Sallianne Taylor, Principal Advisor within the External Relations & Government Affairs team, Bloomberg

Keiren Harris 28 March 2023

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