Our Business-Data Compliance Management, Reduce Dollar Risk

Effective licence management, through accurate and timely reporting, and identifying issues before they escalate.

  • Compliance Optimisation
  • Ongoing Compliance Management
  • Audit Defence
  • Audit Review
  • Data Sourcing & License Cost Analytics
  • Legal Preparation & Consultancy
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management
  • Contractual Reviews & Advice

Our Consultation Work

MDG assists Information Content Owners and their Clients to understand the complexities of data licence agreements and IP ownership thereby ensuring compliance and no ugly surprises. For Information consumers we advise on content usage rights and help mediate to navigate compliance. We provide a fully consultative service saving our clients wasted time, money and importantly compliance reputation risk.

We provide consultative managed projects relating to the complexity of data licensing, rights management, audit defences and monetisation of data assets.

We offer flexible modes of working with existing in-house teams or in isolation reporting to senior stakeholders.

Our mediation expertise creates a much needed sand-box to explore options with both content owner and consumer.

Our Clients

Major Tier-1 Investment Bank

A major consumer of OTC & Exchange based market data content.

Agreed Stake-holder Strategy

  • Steering committee agreed involving Legal, Compliance, Internal Audit and IT
  • All Fee liable data sources identified
  • All Applications consuming fee liable data identified
  • All controls tested
  • All types of data-flows mapped
  • Other internal networks identified
  • Every aspect documented
  • Due to sensitivities worked with internal and external legal counsel regarding liabilities amassed recommended remediation strategy

Project Achievements

  • Negotiated Full & Final Settlement Agreements at less than 1% of the liability
  • New Data Licence Agreements executed and correct Data Usage reporting
  • Implemented new Data Governance Model
  • Eliminated redundant fee liable data
  • Cost optimisation due to only paying for data that was needed
  • New warm relationships created with Data Owners
  • Identified Data Assets for monetisation
  • Reputation not tarnished but enhanced

Premier Global Exchange & Market Data Provider

A leading provider of market data and analytics.

Agreed Stake-holder Strategy

  • Creation of new pricing models and strategies aligned to consumer usage of client’s products and services
  • Review existing market data products, catering to multiple market segments
  • Developing prospective strategies for retaining and increasing both market data sales and distribution
  • Analysis of vendor and client reporting cross referenced to internal records to identify revenue leakage Quantify in dollar terms, future revenue from eliminating leakage and bringing clients into compliance
  • Propose options to eliminate future revenue leakage
  • Create new reporting policies and requirements
  • Identify new types of data consumer inside and outside the traditional vendor/data consumer base

Project Achievements

  • Revenue from price model changes increase of 15%+
  • New Revenue flow from identifying existing non-fee paying clients 18>24%
  • Re-aligned pricing models to reflect actual consumer usage, maximising revenue returns
  • Introducing new data usage reporting to enhance the accuracy and visibility of data utilisation by vendors and end users
  • Developed new strategies for pricing Original Created works (indices & derived data)
  • Provided a new digital strategy for multi-media clients

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Commercial Model

Many of our clients prefer to work with us on a case-by-case consultancy basis.

However, for large projects we offer a “no win – no fee” model that insures no fixed or upfront costs. We are so confident in our proven track record in this field that we can construct a commercial based on long short to medium term results. For more details, please contact us for more information.

Our Data Gurus

Keiren Harris

Keiren consults with businesses on how to maximise data value, sourced both from third parties and created internally. Data Sources and Consumers including government agencies, stock exchanges, financial institutions, and market data vendors have been advised on building their data businesses, data commercialisation, and on the vital areas of data IPRs, licences, policies, sourcing, and compliance. Clients benefit in real dollar terms and to leverage data as an operational resource, especially when applied to enterprise information usage, FinTech distribution and management, and increasingly the world of ESG Data.

Ian Pearson

An outstanding Business Leader and Business Development Director who has won, grown and managed business operations with full P & L responsibility in thirty countries in Europe & Asia with a proven track record of delivering substantial enhanced business performance. Strong transferable skills gained in the financial services,IT, market data, recruitment and fmcg sectors. Significant experience in identifying the key business drivers, developing and delivering innovative strategic solutions resulting in enhanced stakeholder value. Experienced in BPR/BPO/RPO/HRO solutions and optimises all resources available through a ‘hands on’ management style.

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