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Financial Information Incorporated (FII) is a global provider of domestic and international Financial Corporate Actions and Historical Reference Services. FII began with runners hurrying along Wall Street to the offices of subscribers delivering handwritten notes describing events and changes impacting the value of traded stocks and bonds. These became the Financial Daily Card Service, the first industry standard for Corporate Actions. Bond Card arrived in 1915, followed by Warrant Service (1985) then the Put Options Service (1989) Today, FII creates customised services, offers data feeds and its FII Online service. Fii also created and publishes the ‘Annual Guide to Stocks’. Clients include Banks & Brokerages, Account & Law Offices, Government Agencies, Colleges & Universities, Public Libraries, and Private Investors. The research tools are supported by research analysts and editors who collect, review, verify, and publish information in real time.

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Data Vendor
North America

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Date of Update21/02/2023
HeadquartersNew Jersey, United States
Market Cap US$N/A
Revenue US$N/A
OwnershipInternational Publishing Limited
ManagementPresident & Chief Executive Officer: Phillip Necci Director Business Development & Consulting: David Hands Director Business Strategies & Client Services: Anthony Necci

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Alexa RankN/A
TypeData Vendor
Client CaseUniversal
Asset ClassesMulti-Asset Class
Compliance & RiskN/A
Indices & BenchmarksN/A
Reference DataYES
Economic DataN/A

  Key Products & Services

Financial Actions Services: provides daily Corporate and Municipal services encompassing Reorganisations, Called Bonds, Puts, and Warrants, plus Dividends, Daily Stock and UIT covering the US, Canadian, and global data markets. Historical Reference Service: consists of Security/Library Reference Service (SRS/LRS) containing Mandatory Effective Equities, Active Stock Guide Service (50,000+ North American securities), Obsolete Stock Guide Service (100,000 obsolete securities dating back to the late 1800’s), and Corporate & Municipal Bond Guide service. Within HRS service is the Security Master Scrubbing (SMS) service enabling subscribers to verify the accuracy of their Security Master File for North American Equities and compare all or a portion of the file to FII’s Financial Stock Service history files (dated back to 1968) to check for ‘end-of-life’ securities. Availability: in Real-Time via FII Online with daily email feFINatures, plus multiple formats including XML, ISO 15022, Variable Length Records, Fixed 80 Byte Records, and Customised Solutions. Support: For subscribers FII offers a Subscriber Research Service giving users access to help desk service for individual research requests.

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