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Market Data Glossary, Our guide to terms and definitions.

There can be multiple interpretations of terms, these are the ones we use, and who provided the.

MDG The Market Data World in 2017 Part 1 Market Data Crystal Balls: A Business in Revolution

We review the financial information industry today and provide an overview of the changes taking place.

MDG The Market Data World in 2017 Part 2 Information Providers, Past, Present & Future?

We look at the business state of the financial information providers to understand the challenges they face.

MDG The Market Data World in 2017 Part 3 Market Data & Yellow Brick Walls

So the industry is in revolution, what paths are open, and who are going to take them?

MDG The Market Data World in 2017 Part 4 Dollars & Data Sources

We review how the exchanges make money from market data and discuss where value lies.

MDG The Market Data World in 2017 Part 5 Ownership, IPRs & Minefields

The whole business of market data is built upon IPRs, but they are complex and contentious (Upcoming).

Data Into Dollars: Leveraging Price Information for Business

A review of what is needed to create value out of market data and financial information.

Building a Market Data Business 8 Basic Rules

A short presentation of what to look out for when going about building a market data business.

A Rough Guide to Market Data Sourcing

A practical look at the issues to be addressed when making sourcing decisions.

Know Your Sources: Consequences & Costs

How to develop a better understanding of who your sources are and what they do for you.

Market Data Contract Awareness: A Quick Checklist

A basic guide on what to look for in market data contracts.