The ‘Cloud’ is the big thing in market data right now, deals are being done between Big Tech, Data Sources owning unique high quality data backed by analytical solutions, and of course the data consumers.

What many people have yet to realise is what it means to each of the parties in the workflow, The Cloud is coming of age moving beyond being merely a means of storage, on to distribution but to a point where it is the becoming the catalyst for processing analytics, creating new trading opportunities and developing new market opportunities by expanding the connected universe of investors.

With this new environment comes questions about the viability of existing commercial models. Many data sources and vendors are reluctant, even resistant, to evolve beyond tried and tested traditional models.

The Cloud is mutating market data workflows, bringing in new types of data facilitators, third party processors, and opening up a new world of consumers who are not beholden to legacy models.

This is why this panel is a must attend because the members will be addressing and shaping the no doubt intense debates about the commercial options that are available, and very importantly considering which ones will work and others likely to fall by the wayside.

Inevitably there will be winners and losers. Come find out why this will be the case.


‘Data is what we put in the cloud. Understanding the different types of data that we can move to the cloud and further understanding the benefits and the costs of doing so is a critical and not straightforward task. The location and timeliness of data is yet another consideration – and finally working out the nuances of an ideal commercial policy in the new world of market data in the cloud is an exciting but challenging task. This is all about what data we put in the cloud.’

Moderator: Peter Shen, Head of Innovation and Market Data, Eastspring Investments

Chris Casey, General Manager, AWS

Chris Grant, VP, Market Data, OTC Markets Group

Eric Kuah, Head of BDM, IRESS

Rodney Pederson, Chief Revenue Officer, Visible Alpha

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Keiren Harris 05 April 2023


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