According to Market Data Guru’s own research the market data industry was generating $50+ Billion in revenues in 2023, then there is the ESG Data Market forecast to reach $5 Billion in two years time and while Alt Data was valued at $4.5 Billion in 2022, it is expected to reach $150 Billion by 2030. All this investment in data and information requires people.

Without market data there are no global financial markets. Information is the lifeblood of equities, foreign exchange, fixed income, commodities, energy, realty, crypto, and so much more.

1.On the buy side there are banks, brokers, asset managers, prop traders, research analysts, corporate finance, private equity, treasury operations, every conceivable type of investor.

2.On the sell side, data sources are varied, exchanges, inter-dealer brokers, banks, fintech, trading, compliance, risk solutions

3.In distribution the vendors range from Billion dollar behemoths like Bloomberg to innovative minnows

Market data supports millions of jobs globally, provides highly skilled individuals with personal development and growth opportunities. A quick search on the web reveals:

  • 973 market data positions in London on Linkedin
  • Ziprecruitor reporting $57K to $179K jobs in New York
  • eFinancial says there are 477 market data analyst roles in Hong Kong
  • Even Market Data Guru has a jobs board at https://marketdata.guru/job-board/

The great thing about market data is while experience counts, people new to the industry bring tremendous value with their skill sets, knowledge and alternative perspectives.

Discover the future with market data.

Keiren Harris 09 February 2023



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