We constantly get told market data industry participants struggle to market themselves to the right audience. Perhaps we can be of assistance.

As we are not Meghan & Harry looking to dish out our insider confidences we won’t be getting mega hits to www.marketdata.guru anytime soon. However our readers include some of the most respected and influential leaders in the market data industry globally along with the unsung managers and analysts who make things happen on the ground.

According to Linkedin statistics 71% of our hits in the last week came from people in the most senior positions.

So after intensely debated, coffee/alcohol fuelled late night sessions in non-smoky dark back rooms we considered options to add more value to Market Data Guru in two ways.

Firstly, please come advertise on our website, reach our industry audience.

To discover more, read on, or download our pdf here

Our second initiative is more collaborative, and we will share details shortly.

Let’s talk.


W www.marketdata.guru


08 February 2023

For information on our consulting services please email knharris@datacompliancellc.com