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  Company Overview

The Korean Ministry of Finance and the Korea Stock Exchange founded Koscom to introduce information technology systems and solutions to the local market, create infrastructure and provide on-going support. Koscom operates as a financial information technology company that develops and designs the Korea Exchange trading platforms, financial information systems, and IT infrastructure systems. Koscom was the exclusive distributor of Korea Exchange information until the late 2000s. Nomura Research Institute, NRI, has had a long term relationship with Koscom and co-operated in the development of Koscom’s first trading system in 1995. Please see separate profile for Koscom Data

Type of business
Asia-Pacific/NE Asia
Trading Systems

  Corporate Details

Date of UpdateUnknown
HeadquartersSeoul, Korea
Market Cap US$N/A
Revenue US$N/A
OwnershipPrivate: KRX 76.6%, Korea Securities Depository 8%
ManagementChairman & Chief Executive Officer: Chung Jee Seok General Manager: Kim Dae-sik Deputy General Manager: Lee Juh-wa

  Website Analysis

Alexa Rank243,952
Client CaseTrading Systems
Asset ClassesUnknown
Compliance & RiskUnknown
Indices & BenchmarksUnknown
Reference DataUnknown
Economic DataUnknown

  Key Products & Services

Capital Market Systems: Comprises 1. KRX Trading System for trading, clearing and settlements on the exchange, 2. K-OTC over-the-counter stock order system, 3. B-TRIS OTC bond transaction notification system 4. Foreign Investment Management System to facilitate non-Korean trading on KRX Financial Investment Systems: 1. Powerbase is a ledger management systems & trading dealing solution linked to KRX and KOFIA 2. K-Front trading engine for local institutions 3. KOSMOS FIX based DMA system for foreign institutions, Infrastructure Services: 1. Stock-Net connecting securities and futures markets participants 2. Disaster recovery (DR) service for system failures 3. Authorised certificate service for secure financial transactions, 4. IT system protection service to protect from security breaches

  Business Potential

MarketInvestment Banks, Commercial Banks, Asset Managers, Exchanges
CompetitionCalypso, Chella Software, Hundsun Technologies, NASDAQ OMX, Systex
AvailabilityDirect from Koscom
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