Limas Indonesia Makmur

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  Company Overview

PT Limas Indonesia Makmur (LMAS) was established originally as PT Limas Stokhomindo, before becoming Limas Centric Indonesia when restructured in 2005. On 8 August 8, 2014 LMAS took its current name. The Company listed on the 28 December 2001. Limas Indonesia Maktur was one of the first Indonesian vendors to offer financial markets real time data, news and analysis. The Company's products and services include data terminals, real time financial information, and a financial portal Through a subsidiary, Limas Indonesia Makmur offers IT solutions and consulting services to telecoms, oil and gas companies, and power generators. LMAS also has an in-house team of journalists to provide financial news

Type of business
Market Data Vendor
Real Time Data

  Corporate Details

Date of UpdateUnknown
HeadquartersJakarta, Indonesia
Market Cap US$2.5 Million
Revenue US$10.8 Million (Y/E2018)
OwnershipListed: Indonesia Stock Exchange (LMAS)
ManagementPresident & Director: Ibin Bachtiar Company Secretary: Baso Amir Head of Internal Audit: Fajar Baskoro

  Website Analysis

Alexa Rank8,271,981
TypeMarket Data Vendor
Client CaseReal Time Data
Asset ClassesUnknown
Compliance & RiskUnknown
Indices & BenchmarksUnknown
Reference DataUnknown
Economic DataUnknown

  Key Products & Services

StockWatch: A real time browser based application that displays real time data, broker queues, information, news, and analysis of Indonesian capital and financial markets. Coverage includes listed Indonesian securities, foreign exchange, bonds, and fundamental performance of listed companies StockTrade: Is a trading application for execution on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The System consists of three main components, 1. Order Management, 2. Risk Management, and 3. Portfolio Management. LimasFeed: Delivers real time and display data for distribution on financial portals and corporate websites using XML formats

  Business Potential

MarketInstitutional Banks, Commercial Banks, Brokerages, Wealth Management, HNWI and Retail
CompetitionAntara IMQ, Bloomberg, IQ Plus, Refinitiv, RTI Infokom
AvailabilityDirect from LMAS
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