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  Company Overview

The Nikkei Economic Electronic Databank System (NEEDS) provides 50+ years of data and information covering: •Japan Companies: 20,000 Basis, 30,000 attributes, corporate financial data •Market Information: All JPX listed securities, 8,000 unlisted bonds •Financial information: Money stock, interest rates, fund circulation & company accounts, •Macro data: Nikkei General Economic File, Japan economic statistics, Tanken Report, industrial, production, energy & trade statistics •Regional data: Population, households, companies, construction, census •Marketing: Point of Sales for 800+ stores, 2.5 Million food & household items Clients include 95% of all Japanese Institutions

Type of business
Market Data Vendor
Asia-Pacific/NE Asia
Reference/Economic Data

  Corporate Details

Date of UpdateUnknown
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
Market Cap US$N/A
Revenue US$N/A
OwnershipPrivate: Nikkei Incorporated
ManagementPresident: Naotoshi Okada (Nikkei Inc) Vice- President Digital Business: Go Hasebe (Nikkei Inc) Managing Director Digital Business: Hiroyuki Watanabe

  Website Analysis

Alexa Rank10,273
TypeMarket Data Vendor
Client CaseReference/Economic Data
Asset ClassesUnknown
Compliance & RiskUnknown
Indices & BenchmarksUnknown
Reference DataYES
Economic DataYES

  Key Products & Services

FinancialQUEST 2.0: Is a modular on-demand access data download service via the web offering corporate finance, stock / bonds, macroeconomics, and industrial statistics. The NEEDS Japanese economic model contains 200+ analytical studies for short term forecasting of the Japanese economy NEEDS BULK: Listed Stocks, Unit Trusts/Mutual Funds, Stock portfolios, Futures & Options, Capital Market Index/Stock Market Index, TOPIX data, Listed/OTC/Unlisted/BB(Govt) Bonds, JS Price, Tick Data, Company financials, Segment data, Earnings, Corporate finance, Voting shares, Domestic securities attributes, Next day reference value, Dividend forecast, Commodity markets, Nikkei General Economic File, Financial statistics, FX rate daily NEEDS FAME: Combines NEEDS database content with FAME platform functionality to allow clients to build their own database solutions

  Business Potential

MarketInvestment Banks, Commercial Banks, Asset Managers, Research Houses, Corporates, Higher Education
CompetitionBloomberg, Exchange Data International, IFIS Japan, Pacific Data, Refinitiv, World Vest’Base
AvailabilityDirect from Nikkei & Quick
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