Quantitative Brokers

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  Company Overview

Quantitative Brokers (QB) is a financial technology company that delivers best execution, algorithms, and analytics to the US Cash Treasury & Options markets, and exchange traded global fixed income and futures markets QB current global market coverage includes 100+ futures instruments The company makes available its proprietary algorithms on common EMS/OMS platforms, QB’s in-house applications, through the Bloomberg App Portal, Refinitiv App Store, and directly via FIX These algo strategies are made available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) QB only accepts institutional investors as clients

Type of business
Data Source
North America
Inter-Dealer Broker

  Corporate Details

Date of UpdateUnknown
HeadquartersNew York United States
Market Cap US$24 Million (Funding Amount)
Revenue US$N/A
OwnershipPrivate: Cetana Growth Partners
ManagementCo-Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Christian Hauff Co-Founder & Chief Scientist: Robert Almgren Chief Operating Officer: John Allen

  Website Analysis

Alexa Rank2,336,803
TypeData Source
Client CaseInter-Dealer Broker
CoverageUnited States, Australia, India & United Kingdom
Asset ClassesUnknown
Compliance & RiskYES
Indices & BenchmarksUnknown
Reference DataUnknown
Economic DataUnknown

  Key Products & Services

Premium algorithms strategies: Bolt (Average Price & Sweep to Fill), Closer (Settlement Price & Cash Close), Legger (Target Price & Arrival Price), Octane (Sweep to Fill), Striker (Arrival Fair Value & Arrival Price), Strobe (VWAP & TWAP), & The Roll (Arrival Price & Sweep to Fill) Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA): Secure visualisation of client’s own trades and cost of trading accessible via QB ‘s websites benchmarked to Arrival Price, Sweep-To-Fill, VWAP, TWAP, and Target Price for Legger trades Markets covered: Futures Exchanges, ASX, CBOT, CFE, CME, CME COMEX, CME NYMEX, EUREX, Euronext, ICE Europe, ICE US, Montreal Exchange, & Government Bonds, Bank Pools, Brokertex, Fenics, NASDAQ Trader (eSpeed), Alternative Liquidity Providers

  Business Potential

PresenceUnited States, Australia, India & United Kingdom
MarketInvestment Banks
CompetitionBGC Partners, Bloomberg, MarketAxess, NASDAQ Trader, TP ICAP, Tradeweb, Tradition
AvailabilityDirect from Quantitative Brokers, Bloomberg, Refinitiv
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