RiskVal Financial Solutions

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  Company Overview

RiskVal Financial Solutions is a financial engineering company that creates Software as a Service (SaaS) for the financial services industry. RiskVal provides software such as analytics and trading systems in fixed-income, credit derivative, equity, foreign exchange, and derivative securities The company also offers consultation services in risk management, trading strategies, and financial engineering RiskVal is closely associated with use of Bloomberg data In 2018 the company won multiple awards from Waters, Chartis Research, the Overseas Entrepreneurs Award and Top 30 NJIT Influencers

Type of business
Solutions Priovider
North America

  Corporate Details

Date of UpdateUnknown
HeadquartersNew York, United States
Market Cap US$N/A
Revenue US$N/A
ManagementChief Executive Officer: Jordan Hu Business Operations & Sales Manager: Ksenia Dominova Business Development Manager: Peter Petronzio

  Website Analysis

Alexa Rank3,864,610
TypeSolutions Priovider
Client CaseUnknown
CoverageUnited States & Taiwan
Asset ClassesUnknown
Compliance & RiskUnknown
Indices & BenchmarksUnknown
Reference DataUnknown
Economic DataUnknown

  Key Products & Services

RiskVal Relative Value Fixed Income (RVFI) is a front office multi-currency/mutli-strategy G30 Trading Solution incorporating 200 relative value trading strategies & 19 years of historical time series data covering interest rate instruments from vanilla securities to derivative RVPortfolio is a real time risk and P&L Portfolio management system with reporting functions that include risk factor sensitivities, P&L Explanation, Scenario Analysis and Value-at-Risk Bloomberg Apps include USD Treasury RV providing a consolidated view of the daily top 5 rich/cheap bond trades, USD Bond/Future Spread & Butterfly Monitor for cash/future strategies, CAD Bond/Future Spreads & Butterflies Monitor for Canadian Treasuries, and RVMunis which enables portfolio managers and traders to compute Option Adjusted Spread (OAS), and manage the risk

  Business Potential

PresenceUnited States & Taiwan
MarketFinancial institutions
CompetitionCalypso, Murex, Provenir
AvailabilityDirect from RiskVal
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