China’s cloud market is one of the  fastest growing globally with estimates predicting its share will increase from 6.5% in 2020 to 10.5+%  by 2024. Naturally both home grown and international businesses can spot the opportunities available, especially in the fast automating financial services space where data sharing, distribution and processing are core to making investments profitable.

Indeed the extent to which how financial institutions leverage the Cloud is fundamental to their ability not only to compete but on terms which maximise their revenue potential

As in many other areas China presents unique challenges and a different set of market mechanics which has more of an impact on how things get done, rather than what things. Certainly the three key business models facilitating cloud computing are all present:

1.Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’): SaaS vendors in the financial markets space are increasingly active in providing analytics, modelling, trading engine tools where data processing can take place at potentially lower costs. All about accessibility

2.Infrastructure-as-a-Service (‘IaaS): IaaS vendors are resource suppliers, creating the environment where vast quantities of data can be stored flexibly, cheaply and available on demand. It can harness in one place multiple types of data in once incompatible formats

3.Platform-as-a-Service (‘PaaS’): PaaS providers offer platforms for software development and hosting, enabling data consumers to design distributed web-based applications, this offers intriguing opportunities in financial markets with a heavy retail client base, like China.

China by necessity driven by the sheer size of the market is skipping generations of technology. It is just not feasible to utilise legacy infrastructure, especially for financial market participants. The Cloud changes the dynamics of how we need to approach China as a market.


‘There seems to be no doubt about the significant role cloud technologies will play in the distribution and consumption of financial data globally. 

The benefits of elastic compute and storage and instant global interconnectivity are however testing traditional frameworks for data sovereignty, privacy and security. 

Data exchange into and out of China is at the nexus of this disruption and our panel features practitioners in this space that understand the challenges and have crafted innovative solutions to satisfy data regulators and consumers alike. .’

Meet The Panel

Moderator: Nimesh Bharadia, Kaimian

Leon Liang, ICE Data Services

Deanna Lin, Goldman Sachs ICBC Wealth Management

Ashlee Yang, Zenlayer

Keiren Harris 29 August 2023

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