The upcoming FISD Hong Kong Autumn event being held at the FIL Investment Management offices includes three highly topical panels presented by in-the-know panellists able to provide an insiders’ perspective. We at MDG thought it would be a good idea to put forward our thoughts on panels which we feel deserve a special highlight, and today it is all about ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on human lives and the economy is astounding. Estimates reckon by 2030 AI will add US$15.7 Trillion to the global economy because AI usage can boost business productivity by up to 40%

The FISD panel looks at the challenges and based on Upgrad’s work see 7 points below:

1.Computing Power. The amount of power algorithms consumes deters developers

2.Trust Deficit. People are unaware of use or existence of AI nor how it is integrated into their everyday items

3.Limited Knowledge. Apart from techies, the potential (good or bad) of AI is not discussed enough

4.Human-Level. For AI to match a human’s performance requires finetuning, hyperparameter optimisation, large datasets, well-defined & accurate algos, robust computing power & testing of data

5.Data Privacy & Security. This one goes without saying, some companies are already working to bypass existing rules

6.A Bias Problem. The good or bad nature of AI depends on the amount and quality of data available

7.Data Scarcity. Despite all the data that is generated regulatory restrictions to limit abuse changes the amount of data that can be made available

AI and ML usage is generating many questions, it is often misunderstood in context and application, the FISD panel will shine a torch on one of the most vexing areas of 2020s development.


‘Since late 2022, the world has been buzzing with discussions on the applications of Large Language Models (LLMs) and the implications in the workplace and society in general. 

FISD has assembled a panel of financial information experts who are not only thinking about this topic but are actively engaged in developing services in these areas, and the audience should expect a lively discussion ranging from applications of the technology to regulations and controls.’

Meet The Panel

Moderator: Iain Reed, Co-Founder MarketDataGuru & Serial Entrepreneur

James Crosby, Chief Executive Officer Fencore

Philippe Damay, Head Of Business Development KX

Henry Lee, Head of Google Cloud HK

Keiren Harris 17 August 2023

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