Soybeans are a source of food, protein, and oil with an expanding list of uses, ranging from products intended for human and animal consumption to industrial products like bio-diesel, paint, and plastics. Soybeans’ ubiquity marks it as a vital agricultural commodity.

Brazil the index source is now the largest global exporter of Soybeans (USDA-92 Million Tonnes in 2022/23), with China being the largest importer. The index is a supply and demand bellwether between the world’s largest commodities consumer and a leading producer.

SAFRAS CTDI Soybean Index calculates the end of day national market index price for 37 producing and seaport soybean local markets representing the widest cross-section of primary cash market trading available. In comparison CME’s South American Soybean Futures contracts are based only on prices at the port of Santos, Brazil.

The SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Cash Soybean Index also fulfils an ESG function. Brazilian Soybean farmers are increasing farm landmass in the World’s Lung to increase production yield, and profit from high soybean prices. The Index tracks the Brazilian Soybean price and resultant motivation for producers’ predation of the rainforest.

The SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Cash Soybean Index provides insight into trading opportunities for one of the World’s most important yet opaque commodity markets that impacts everyone in one way or another.

The index is available in South America on CMA Safras and Mercado data services. It is leveraged by up to 1,000 Soybean traders, risk managers, brokers, producers, utilities, shippers and cooperatives. Major consumers represent the leading names in global Commodities markets.

The index is now also available globally on Refinitiv updated daily with an EOD day calculated value and historic data for analytics. The RIC code is <.BRSOYIDX>

About CTDI. CTDI is a boutique creator of proprietary and while label indices with a supply chain and macro-economic focus. More information can be found at https://www.ctdindices.com

Keiren Harris 19 April 2023

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